You'll Love Smoking out of a Stylish Glass Pipe

Look through our unique collection in Minneapolis or Rice, MN

With swirling patterns and vibrant colors, the psychedelic look of a glass pipe is sure to enhance your smoking experience. Spend some time browsing the selection at Adam's Tobacco Shop in Rice or Minneapolis, MN - you don't want to overlook any of the styles in our inventory.

In addition to glass pipes, we also carry...

  • Downstems
  • Bowl pieces
  • Water pipes

Stop by today to check out our extensive product selection.

Get one-on-one assistance at Adam's Tobacco Shop

Get one-on-one assistance at Adam's Tobacco Shop

Whether you're shopping for your first water pipe or searching for unique smoking accessories, you're sure to find the right item with help from our passionate associates. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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