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Pick up the essentials in Minneapolis or Rice, MN

When it's time to relax, you'll want to have all your smoking accessories on hand. From grinders to ashtrays, Adam's Tobacco Shop carries whatever you'll need before, during and after your smoking session.

We began serving customers in Minneapolis, MN in 2018, opening a second location in Rice, MN in 2021 to meet the ever-changing needs of our clientele. Visit either of our tobacco shops today to purchase...

You can find directions to our tobacco shops on the Contact Us page.

Toss out your plain-Jane smoking accessories - it's time for an upgrade. At Adam's Tobacco Shop, you can find stylish glass pipes, hookahs, e-cigarettes, incense and candles, just to name a few items. Let us know if we can help you find anything that fits your style.

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